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10 Free WordPress Themes for Jewelry Stores Websites

June 17, 2024 | By David Selden-Treiman | Filed in: WordPress Themes.

You’re building a website for a jewelry store and want to make it shine? Well, first things first, you’ll want to focus on creating an online space that showcases those sparkly pieces in the best possible light. That means choosing a theme that’s visually stunning, easy to navigate, and optimized for sales. Look for something with a clean design, high-quality images, and intuitive product filtering options. You should also consider a theme that integrates seamlessly with e-commerce plugins, making it simple to manage inventory and process transactions. With that in mind, here are 10 free themes for your jewelry stores website.

1. Jewelrify

Jewelrify is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Jewelrify is the number one website theme on our list that’s perfect for jewelry stores websites. As it’s free and GPL licensed, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank or compromising your creative control. This fully responsive theme offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor it to your brand and showcase your unique products. With features like header social icons, widget areas, and a built-in homepage slider, Jewelrify has everything you need to optimize your website for maximum visibility and user engagement.

2. Omega Jewelry Store

Omega Jewelry Store is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Omega Jewelry Store WordPress theme is number 2 on our list of website themes that are good for jewelry stores websites. And the best part? It’s completely free, licensed under GPL. This theme is designed to meet the unique needs of online jewelry retailers, gemstone dealers, and luxury accessory boutiques. Its elegant and responsive design not only highlights the beauty of the jewelry but also ensures that the website looks and functions flawlessly on various devices, from smartphones to desktops. The Omega Jewelry Store theme also includes robust e-commerce functionalities seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, allowing businesses to effectively manage their jewelry inventory, facilitate secure online transactions, and offer multiple payment options. Additionally, the theme places an emphasis on product showcase, featuring product galleries, sliders, and zoom-in capabilities designed to display jewelry in its most alluring manner.

3. Royal Jewellery

Royal Jewellery is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Royal Jewellery is the third theme on our list of website themes good for jewelry stores websites, and it’s a free option that’s GPL licensed. As its name suggests, this theme is all about luxury and sophistication, with a stunning design that highlights the beauty of your jewellery collections. The color schemes and typography are carefully chosen to exude opulence and refinement, ensuring that your jewellery shines like royalty on the screen. With Royal Jewellery, you can easily create a stunning online presence by sharing the stories behind your jewellery pieces and showcasing your unique creations. This theme also seamlessly integrates with e-commerce features, making it effortless to set up an online store and start selling your jewellery to a global audience. What’s more, Royal Jewellery ensures that your website looks gorgeous and functions smoothly on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones, so your jewellery will sparkle no matter how visitors access your site.

4. Jeweller Store

Jeweller Store is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Jeweller Store offers a stunning platform for showcasing exquisite jewellery pieces, from diamond rings to beaded necklaces. As the number 4 theme on our list of website themes good for jewelry stores websites, it’s free, GPL licensed, and specifically designed for jewelry artisans, goldsmiths, and designers. This theme combines elegance with functionality to create a visually appealing online presence, perfect for showcasing your wide range of jewellery items. With its responsive design and WooCommerce compatibility, the Jeweller Store WordPress Theme ensures that your website looks flawless on any device, allowing customers to browse and purchase jewellery with ease. The theme’s support for RTL languages and multi-store websites enhances its accessibility and flexibility for global audiences.

5. Jewelry Shop

Jewelry Shop is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

The Jewelry Shop, number 5 on our list of themes, is a free GPL-licensed option that would be an excellent choice for creating a jewelry stores website. This theme offers all the necessary features to quickly create a unique style for your website, including customizable header sections, sidebar options, and footer layouts. Additionally, it includes a nice font selection feature, allowing you to choose from popular fonts to match your brand’s aesthetic. The theme also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, enabling you to create a beautiful online store with ease. With its many customization options, this theme is sure to help optimize your website for improved business performance.

6. Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Antique Jewelry is a free WordPress theme that’s specifically crafted for businesses in the jewelry industry, particularly those dealing with antique and vintage pieces. As it’s GPL licensed, you can modify and customize it as needed without any restrictions. This theme offers an elegant and user-friendly platform to showcase your exquisite jewelry collections, complete with robust e-commerce features that support seamless online transactions. You’ll appreciate the extensive customization options, which allow you to tailor the theme to match your brand’s aesthetics, including various color schemes, typography settings, and layout choices. The theme is also optimized for search engines, helping you attract organic traffic and improve your online visibility. With its sophisticated and classic design, the Antique Jewelry theme highlights the intricate details and craftsmanship of antique jewelry, making it an excellent choice for enhancing your business’s online presence.

7. Jewellery Shop

Jewellery Shop is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Jewellery Shop theme is a free, GPL licensed option that would be an excellent choice for creating an online jewelry store. This stunning theme boasts a modern and luxurious layout, making it perfect for showcasing your jewelry collection. With its SEO-friendly design, you can rest assured that your website will rank well on major search engines like Google. The theme also comes with translation-ready functionality and RTL support, allowing you to cater to a global audience. Additionally, the theme is optimized for speed, ensuring faster page load times and a seamless user experience. As a bonus, the theme allows you to add custom CSS/JS if you have coding skills. Overall, Jewellery Shop theme provides an excellent foundation for creating a visually appealing and functional jewelry store website that will help improve your online business.

8. Top Store

Top Store is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Top Store is a free, GPL-licensed responsive eCommerce WordPress theme specifically designed for jewelry stores websites. With its deep integration with the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be able to easily sell your products online and optimize your website for improved conversions. This theme has been configured to cater to jewelry shops, offering features like product carousels with tabbed category filters, advance product search, and a top header with three layouts, allowing you to showcase your products in an attractive and user-friendly way. With multiple widgets options, color and background options, sidebar options for both front-page and inner pages, and highlighted features like Quick View, Compare Products, Wishlist, and AJAX Search, Top Store provides everything you need to take your jewelry store online and start selling today.

9. Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce Solution is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Ecommerce Solution, a free GPL licensed WordPress theme, would be an excellent option for creating a jewelry stores website. As a multipurpose theme, it offers a wide range of configurations and setups specifically designed for online apparel and accessories stores like yours. With its clean and polished design, you’ll be able to showcase your products in a visually appealing way, making it easy for customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for. The theme’s responsive design ensures that your website will look great on any device, and its cross-browser compatibility means that visitors won’t encounter any issues when accessing your site from different browsers. Additionally, the theme is SEO-friendly, which will help improve your website’s search engine ranking, making it more visible to potential customers.

10. Joyas Shop

Joyas Shop is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Joyas Shop is a free, GPL-licensed WordPress eCommerce theme that’s perfect for jewelry stores websites. With its minimalist design and multipurpose functionality, you can easily add all the necessary features to your store and tailor it to fit your brand’s goals and values. The theme is specifically set up with configurations that cater to the unique needs of jewelry stores, making it easy to showcase a wide range of products and services. Additionally, Joyas Shop is fully compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance on retina screens and modern browsers.

David Selden-Treiman, Director of Operations at Potent Pages.

David Selden-Treiman is Director of Operations and a project manager at Potent Pages. He specializes in custom web crawler development, website optimization, server management, web application development, and custom programming. Working at Potent Pages since 2012 and programming since 2003, David has extensive expertise solving problems using programming for dozens of clients. He also has extensive experience managing and optimizing servers, managing dozens of servers for both Potent Pages and other clients.


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