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Our programs will solve your problems and fulfill your goals.

Have an idea that you need built? Need a lot of work done quickly, but don’t have the time to do it by hand and can’t find software to do it for you?

At Potent Pages, we have 12 years experience building computer programs to solve problems. We routinely build applications to accomplish a variety of tasks, ranging from data acquisition and crawlers, to data sanitation and formatting, to analysis and presentation.

Our software engineers have experience in numerous programming, scripting, and markup languages. These include: C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL queries.

Bug Diagnosis and Fixing

Have a problem with your code? We may be able to help!

At Potent Pages, our experience with coding has helped us to fix, not only our code, but the code of our clients as well. Our senior programmers can assess your code, analyzing what happens when to track down what is causing your problem. Our extensive experience with web application development makes us efficient at finding bugs in PHP code, as well as programs written in C.


API Integration

At Potent Pages, our programming work often involves integrating websites with API’s from other services. We are well practiced at building systems integrated with 3rd party APIs, creating complex web applications and providing solutions at a lower cost.

Our API work includes integrating systems with:

  • SalesForce
  • EasyPost
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Amazon


A Few of Our Clients

Royal Management Group

PHP web application debugging


David and the Team are truly gifted. Having used them on several projects of increasing complexity, the work has always been stellar, timely and thorough. Without question, Potent Pages has grown to be an integral part of our Development Team.


KPR Media

PHP programming & debugging, cURL library implementation for website crawlers, MySQL query construction and optimization.


Ready Auto Transport

SalesForce website integration using PHP.


Working with David and Potent Pages over the last two years has been phenomenal! The team has helped us to complete some very complicated projects (discount redemption application, PCI compliant mobile payment tool for our internal sales team, digital onboarding application and more) using best practices within design framework, as well as applying standard agile project management throughout the development lifecycle. Our projects are always complete within a reasonable timeframe and within cost, enabling the business to work at a much faster pace than our enterprise technology team. When problems arise, David is quick to partner in finding and implementing an appropriate solution. Without David and his expertise, we simply wouldn't be outpacing our competitors in connecting with our customers in more meaningful ways, resulting in increased revenue. We here at Ready Logistics plan to work with David in the future to help us build more scalable marketing technologies for our organization. Potent Pages has added power to our enterprise technology workforce. We'd highly recommend David and Potent Pages for any scale project.

Lead Business Analyst at Ready Auto Transport / COX Automotive


American Pacific Mortgage

PHP programming implementing a custom property analysis algorithm.


Disaster Resource Guide

Constant Contact API Integration, Debugging, Website Login Protection, Website Form Upgrading


We have a B2B website which involves registrations and subscription forms for both digital and print publications.  In addition, certain content is restricted to registered users.  The website also must connect with our separate email servers, which send out our international newsletters weekly.  David was able to quickly create the necessary APIs and forms to allow registrations, and has on several occasions been involved with code upgrades as our site grew over time.  He has always been very responsive, with incredible turnaround times.  He has always been able to diagnose issues quickly and create solutions for us.  I would highly recommend David and his team, and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Some Other Reviews


Absolutely outstanding experience working with David! He was able to diagnose and fix our coding issue in less than an hour and offered to advise even before he accepted the job.



Before taking the job, he went through and saw that I didn't need the work that I was asking for. So, he saved me a ton of money, but offered to work on some caching for me. I knew how to do it but was so impressed by his knowledge and honesty that I gave him the gig anyway. Not surprisingly, the job was done perfectly. When I need Wordpress or Database work, I know who I'm going to! He even gives his personal cell and other contact info! What freelancer does that! Great job man... keep it up!


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