Web Applications, Programming, & Website Design

Our focus is on obtaining, analyzing, and presenting information.

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We develop website applications designed to accomplish complex or intricate tasks. We combine multiple technologies together to achieve your goals, including PHP, MySQL, C, Javascript, AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3.

The Process

Data Acquisition & Crawler Development

We write programs to acquire, sort, and filter large amounts of data. Our programs, referred to as "crawlers" or "spiders" get your information quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Whether you are looking to obtain a few hundred records, or millions, our crawlers are designed to collect your information automatically. Our crawler development team will build a program to get the data you need specifically to meet your needs and goals.

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Looking for a bit of help? Stuck on a problem and need a second opinion on what is going wrong? Our programming team can look at your code and help you diagnose your program's bugs and how to fix them.

Need a program developed? We use multiple programming languages to write applications that solve the problems that you need fixed. We develop programs using PHP, C, and other languages to obtain data, analyze information, and automate tasks.

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Research & Analysis

We analyze large amounts of data to obtain the information that you need. We use mathematical and statistical analysis to process and sort data, as well as draw conclusions from this information.

Once you have your data, we can help you process it, sanitize it, and analyze it to find the information that you need. Our analysts can process data using databases, statistical tools, and graphing analysis. We can then present our findings in the best way for you.

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