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How to Make a Web Crawler in Java in April, 2024

Whether you are looking to obtain data from a website, track changes on the internet, or use a website API, website crawlers are a great way to get the data you need. While they have many components, crawlers fundamentally use a simple process: download the raw data, process and extract it, and, if desired, store the data in a file or database. There are many ways to do this, and many languages you can build your spider or crawler in.

Java is an object-oriented programming language, that can both run as a scripting language and as compiled code. This makes it quite flexible and desired for many people in a wide variety of circumstances, including website crawler development.

Web Scraping with Java Guide

This tutorial goes over how to download a webpage using the HtmlUnit dependency. It also goes over using xpaths to extract data from webpages, in addition to some other uses for web crawlers.

A Guide to Crawler4j

This shows how to create a multiple web crawlers using crawler4j, including downloading text-based HTML pages and binary image data.

How to make a simple webcrawler with JAVA ….(and jsoup)

This tutorial shows how to use jsoup to download pages from CNN. It’s relatively quick and simple.

How To Build Web Crawler With Java

This tutorial by Damilare Jolayemi shows how to create a simple web crawler using Heritrix, JSoup, Apache Nutch, Stormcrawler, and Gecco.

What is a Webcrawler and where is it used?

This tutorial shows how to create a web crawler from scratch in Java, including downloading pages and extracting links.

jsoup – Basic Web Crawler Example

This tutorial shows how to create a basic web crawler using the jsoup library.

How to Write a Web Crawler in Java

This is a tutorial written by Viral Patel on how to develop a website crawler using Java.

How to make a Web Crawler using Java

This is a tutorial made by Program Creek on how to make a prototype web crawler using Java. This guide covers setting up the MySQL database, creating the database and the table, and provides sample code for building a simple web crawler.

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