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At Potent Pages, we solve problems with computer programming. If you have an idea that you need developed into a web application, we can build it. If you need a website to show your products and work to your customers, we can build one precisely to match your business’ needs and personality. If you have an existing program that needs fixing, we specialize in custom programming, including identifying the source of problems and solving them.

We work to precisely design and meticulously engineer solutions to match your needs. Our years of experience have given us a firm footing to understand not only the issues need to be solved, but how to solve them in a reliable, stable manner. Our solutions are designed not only to solve issues for your existing computer or program environment, but over the longer term too. We work to build programs that we can continue to upgrade and morph to match your needs as your projects develop.

At Potent Pages, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, and our programming and business styles reflect this. We provide long-term support, often even after the initial contract term has expired. We stand by our work, and when circumstances change, we work to provide a solution, ensuring that our product will continue to provide the benefits you desire.

About David Selden-Treiman

David Selden-Treiman, Director of Operations at Potent Pages.

David Selden-Treiman is a seasoned Project Manager and Full-stack Developer with a rich background in programming and development. He is an expert in creating website crawlers, building and maintaining small business websites, and developing a wide range of web applications.

David’s custom programming skills are highlighted by his proficiency in debugging programs for clients and optimizing WordPress websites, as well as his ability to transform website data into Excel documents programmatically. David’s technical skill extends to server management, where he manages numerous custom-configured Ubuntu servers and specializes in high-availability clusters, Galera clusters, and front-end Nginx caching servers.

As the Director of Operations at Potent Pages, he coordinates business operations, leads teams in building web solutions, and has a notable experience in integrating ChatGPT using OpenAI’s APIs for advanced text analysis and content generation, especially with web crawler development. In addition, David has played a pivotal role as a Technical Manager for Michigan Loan Closets, Inc., overseeing the development and maintenance of a comprehensive website directory for organizations and a data entry web application.

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