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10 Amazing Free WordPress Themes for Bookstore Websites

June 15, 2024 | By David Selden-Treiman | Filed in: WordPress Themes.

You’re looking to build a website for a bookstore and you want it to be a real page-turner. To really make an impact, you’ll want to look for a theme that’s specifically designed with book lovers in mind. That means a clean and simple design, plenty of space to showcase your bestsellers, and maybe even some clever ways to recommend titles based on what visitors have been looking at. A good bookstore website should feel like stepping into a cozy used bookstore – warm, inviting, and full of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. With that in mind, here are 10 free themes for your bookstore website.

1. VW Book Store

VW Book Store is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

As the number one website theme on our list, VW Book Store is a feature-rich, free option that’s perfect for bookstore websites. Being GPL licensed, you can rest assured that it’s open-source and customizable to your heart’s content. This theme has been specifically designed for bookstores, eBook sites, writers, magazines, and more, with configurations tailored to optimize your website’s performance. With its robust and reliable design, VW Book Store allows you to create a user-friendly interface for both frontend and backend, giving customers and administrators alike a seamless experience. Plus, with options to change the layout, banners, sliders, and multiple customization opportunities, you can tailor the theme to fit your brand’s unique identity.

2. VW Writer Blog

VW Writer Blog is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

As number 2 on our list of website themes, VW Writer Blog is a free theme that’s perfect for bookstore websites. This GPL-licensed theme is designed specifically with literature in mind, making it an excellent choice for improving your online bookshop or literary club website. With its modern and intuitive design, you’ll be able to easily customize your site to suit your needs, including adding social media icons to maximize content reach and utilizing banners and sliders to bring a sense of depth to your pages. As a responsive theme, it’s also optimized for search engines, ensuring that your site will rank higher in results and drive more traffic towards your website.

3. BC Shop

BC Shop is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

As number three on our list of website themes, BC Shop is a free WooCommerce child theme that’s perfect for creating an online bookstore website. This GPL-licensed theme offers a modern design and smooth coding standard that makes it ideal for businesses and freelancers alike. With plenty of customization options, you can easily tailor the theme to your brand’s unique style using short codes and hooks. What’s more, BC Shop is fully compatible with WooCommerce, making it an excellent choice for building an online store. Additionally, its compatibility with Elementor page builder plugin allows for simple editing of your site through a drag-and-drop interface.

4. Stationary Bookstore

Stationary Bookstore is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Stationary Bookstore is number 4 on our list of website themes that are good for bookstore websites, and it’s a free theme that’s GPL licensed, so you won’t have to worry about coding costs or restrictions. This modern and sophisticated theme is ideal for publishing houses, bookshops, libraries, literary clubs, and online stores, with features like call-to-action buttons, testimonial sections, social media integration, and more. With its compatibility with Woo commerce, this theme is well-optimized and updated with the latest version, making it easy to manage and run your site. Plus, you can easily customize the layout and background using the personalized feature, making it a great option for new beginners or established businesses looking to establish an online presence.

5. Ecommerce Zone

Ecommerce Zone is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

As you’re browsing through our list of website themes, you’ve landed on number 5, “Ecommerce Zone”, a free theme that’s GPL licensed. This multipurpose theme is specifically designed for bookstore websites, offering an elegant and sophisticated design. With responsive layout options and cross-browser compatibility, your website will seamlessly adapt to any device. Moreover, this theme provides numerous customization and personalization options, making it SEO-friendly and perfect for optimizing your online bookstore. Its modern, luxurious, and retina-ready design is sure to tempt you to work with it, allowing you to showcase your social existence and build credibility while keeping your website’s loading time quick and responsive.

6. Library Bookstore

Library Bookstore is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Library Bookstore WordPress Theme is a fantastic option for bookstore websites because it’s completely free, licensed under GPL. This modern design theme comes with a range of features specifically tailored to libraries and bookstores. For instance, its built-in catalog system makes it easy for users to search and locate books by author, title, subject, or more. The theme also includes a blog section where you can publish news, updates, and other relevant content that drives traffic to your website. Additionally, the responsive design ensures that your website looks great on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones, making it easy for users to access all of your website’s features and content without any issues.

7. Bookstore Exhibition

Bookstore Exhibition is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Bookstore Exhibition is a free WordPress theme that’s specifically designed for bookstores, libraries, and authors. This GPL-licensed theme offers an elegant design that suits the image of a bookstore or library, providing a seamless and immersive experience for book lovers. With a clean layout on the homepage, users can highlight featured books, upcoming events, and special promotions. The theme also includes pre-designed templates for book listings, author profiles, and event calendars, making it easy to create engaging and informative content. One of its standout features is advanced book search functionality, allowing visitors to search for books based on various criteria such as title, author, genre, or keyword. Plus, the seamless integration with popular e-commerce plugins enables bookstores to sell books directly from their website, complete with inventory management, order tracking, and customer reviews.

8. Bookseller Publication

Bookseller Publication is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Bookseller Publication is a free GPL licensed website template that’s specifically designed for bookstore websites. This theme offers a user-friendly and customizable platform for both experienced web developers and beginners, making it easy to set up and tailor to your specific needs and branding. As a bookstore owner, you’ll appreciate the visually appealing and responsive design that effectively showcases books and written content, prioritizing readability and user engagement. With this theme, you can feature a wide range of books, manage inventory, process orders, and engage with readers seamlessly, making it an excellent choice for online bookstores and publications.

9. Book Shop

Book Shop is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Book Shop is a free WordPress theme developed by WpDevArt that’s GPL licensed, making it a great choice for users looking to create a bookstore website. This theme allows you to easily customize your website’s design elements, such as colors, layouts, and fonts, giving you the flexibility to tailor your site to your business needs. The integration with WooCommerce means you can also set up an online store, allowing customers to purchase books directly from your website. With Book Shop, you’ll have a well-designed blog at your fingertips, complete with customizable headings, metas, and banner options for single posts and pages. Overall, this theme is an excellent option for quickly creating a beautiful bookstore website that’s easy to navigate and customize.

10. Digital Books

Digital Books is a recommended free GPL-licensed WordPress theme available on

Digital Books is a free theme, licensed under GPL, that would be an excellent option for creating a bookstore website. This theme offers a sophisticated and modern design that will surely impress your visitors. With many options for customization and personalization, you can get exactly the website you like. As it’s SEO-friendly, you’ll have a good chance of getting your website to rank soon on major search engines like Google. Additionally, the theme is built on bootstrap framework, making it easy to implement and customize. The inclusion of shortcodes also improves the functionality of your website. Moreover, this theme supports multiple languages with RTL layout, making it accessible to a global audience. With its fast page load time and optimized codes, you can rest assured that your website will be quick and efficient. Lastly, the design is responsive, allowing visitors to easily view and navigate your site on any device. Overall, Digital Books is an excellent choice for creating a bookstore website that’s both visually appealing and functional.

David Selden-Treiman, Director of Operations at Potent Pages.

David Selden-Treiman is Director of Operations and a project manager at Potent Pages. He specializes in custom web crawler development, website optimization, server management, web application development, and custom programming. Working at Potent Pages since 2012 and programming since 2003, David has extensive expertise solving problems using programming for dozens of clients. He also has extensive experience managing and optimizing servers, managing dozens of servers for both Potent Pages and other clients.


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