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How to Make a Web Crawler with Cheerio in May, 2024

Whether you are looking to obtain data from a website, track changes on the internet, or use a website API, website crawlers are a great way to get the data you need. While they have many components, crawlers fundamentally use a simple process: download the raw data, process and extract it, and, if desired, store the data in a file or database. There are many ways to do this, and many languages you can build your spider or crawler in.

Cheerio is a library that runs jQuery-based javascript within a Node.js server. It makes implementing crawler code outside of a browser environment significantly easier for people experienced with jQuery. These tutorials make use of the Cheerio library to build the server-end of the web crawler functionality.

Nodejs | Web Crawling Using Cheerio

This tutorial uses Node.js to to download pages and the Cheerio library to parse the DOM of the downloaded page.

Web Scraping with NodeJs and Cheerio

This tutorial overviews Node.js and Cheerio and gives an in-depth example of how to crawl Steam and extract data from pages there.

Cheerio Tutorial

This tutorial focuses on extracting data with Cheerio, focusing on selecting data for extraction.

How to Scrape Websites with Node.js and Cheerio

This tutorial goes over parsing pages using the Cheerio library. It spends significant time going over the setup of Cheerio and the rest of the project, as well as a number of DOM access and manipulations you can do with Cheerio.

How To Use node.js, request and cheerio to Set Up Simple Web Scraping

This is a tutorial on how to use node.js, jQuery, and Cheerio to set up simple web crawler. This include instructions for installing the required modules and code for extracting desired content from the HTML DOM, calculated using Cheerio.

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