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Masonry Infinite Scrolling Website Tutorials

Infinite scrolling is a great way to keep visitors engaged while showing them a lot of content. Using the endless scrolling technique, you can show your visitors multiple articles on the same page without them having to click to a next page, or show them a large number of content parts without having to load the all initially, saving valuable load time and keeping your visitors on your site.

The Masonry plugin is extremely popular with infinite scrolling websites because it easily allows elements dynamically loaded to be displayed in a vertical manner without the excess spacing of inline-block layout display. Masonry is similar to Isotope, except that Masonry is primarily for vertical layout in columns whereas Isotope supports a wider variety of layout options.

These tutorials span a range of CMSs from WordPress to Drupal and use a number of plugins and libraries, especially jQuery. To view a tutorial, simply click the preview image or the title of the tutorial.

5 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Demos

This is a series of 5 demos compiled by Sam Deering on how to create infinite scrolling using jQuery Masonry plugin together with an infinite scroll plugin.

Simple Ways To Implement Infinite Scrolling On Your Website

This is a well-described tutorial by Ezequiel Bruni on implementing infinite scrolling on websites in a simple way using jQuery and Masonry plugins. The article shows how to apply infinite scrolling for static websites sites, WordPress sites, and for Tumblr themes.

Make your website filterable by category

It is a tutorial made by Emma Lewis that shows how to combine a Masonry layout with in-page Infinite Scroll using jQuery and the Masonry plugin.

JetPack Infinite Scroll + Masonry

This is a tutorial made by Devin on creating infinite scrolling with Masonry for layout. The tutorial combines jQuery, Jetpack and Masonry plugins to achieve the infinte scroll effect for a WordPress website.

How to Create Pinterest-Like Script

This is a tutorial made by Script Tutorials on using jQuery and Masonry plugins to create an infinite scrolling similar to Pinterest. This tutorial uses PHP and HTML in implementing the infinite scrolling.

Infinite Scrolling or Load More Effect for Blogger

This is a tutorial made by Huy Dinh Quang about creating infinite scrolling in a Blogger website using jQuery Ajax scrolling, a jQuery plugin, and Masonry. The tutorial is composed of a live demo and a step-by-step tutorial with codes in creating inifinite scrolling on the page.

Infinite Scroll in ExpressionEngine

This is a tutorial made by John Henry Donovan about implementing infinite scrolling in ExpressionEngine (EE) using jQuery plugin and Masonry libraries. This includes a method for pagination and a limiting parameter set.

Isotope + Twitter Bootstrap + Infinite Scroll + Fluid/Responsive layout

This is a tutorial by Jany Martelli about using the Isotope plugin with Twitter Bootstrap to create an infinite scrolling, fluid and responsive layout. Isotope is similar to the Masonry library, and is created by the same developer.

How do I add infinite scroll with jQuery Masonry?

This is a question-and-answer forum on Stack Overflow on how to implement infinite scrolling with jQuery and Masonry.

Adding Infinite Scroll and a grid layout – Build Themes

This is a tutorial made by Build Themes for adding infinite scroll and a grid layout in Tumblr blogs using Infinite Scroll and jQuery plugins, in combination with the Masonry library. This includes HTML and CSS codes for creating pagination on the page.

Masonry Tutorial

This is a Masonry tutorial made by Manatopia that teaches how to use Masonry to create infinite scrolling.

A Tutorial on How to Integrate Infinite Scroll with CakePHP

This is a tutorial made by Mifty Yusuf on how to integrate infinite scroll with CakePHP using the Masonry javascript library and jQuery.

Laravel 4 Pagination with Infinite Scroll using jQuery

This is a tutorial made by Ali Gajani about using Laravel 4 for pagination, Masonry for layout, and jQuery for scripting.

Transform any Drupal pager into an autopager – Infinite Scroll pager

This is a tutorial published on the official Drupal website about how to transfor a Drupal pager into an autopager thereby creating an infinite scrolling effect and an endless page.

Creating an Infinite Scroll Masonry Block Without Views ThinkShout

This is a tutorial written by Alex Ellison in creating an infinite scroll website in Drupal using a Masonry content block without views using. This include code for applying and triggering infinite scroll functions.

Drupal 7 + Masonry Cristina Llamas

This is a video tutorial made by Cristina Llamas about the combining Drupal 7 and Masonry Masonry library. The tutorial includes 2 videos, one about using jQuery Masonry and the other about integrating Masonry with infinite scrolling to create the final effect.

ThinkShout: Creating an Infinite Scroll Masonry Block Without Views

This is a tutorial by Miz Lizz in creating an infinite scrolling effects with a Masonry block without using the Views plugin in jQuery for Drupal websites.

Cool CSS Loading Effects for Grid Images – TutsMix

This is a tutorial written by Luigi Petrut about adding CSS loading effects for grid images loaded in a WordPress infinite scrolling website. This includes jQuery, Masonry, HTML, CSSS code for pagination.

Building a Pseudo – Infinite Tweet Scroller With jQuery and Masonry

This is a tutorial made by Jake Johnson about building a pseudo-infinite infinite scrolling tweet scroller with the Twitter API, jQuery, and Masonry library.

How to Make Your Website Easy to Filter by Category Digitallyy

This is a tutorial published on Digitallyy about how to build an infinite-scrolling WordPress site with Masonry for layout, the infinite-scroll plugin, and jQuery for coding.

Creating a Pinterest Like Layout in ASP.NET

This is a tutorial published on Tech Brij about creating an infinite-scrolling website with jQuery and Masonry for the browser-side and ASP.NET for the server side.

Infinite Ajax Scroll

This is a tutorial published on Okilla about creating an infinite scrolling WordPress website with jQuery and Masonry for layout. This include codes for integrating AJAX in Google analytics and jQuery-based Masonry.

Recreating the Design Samsung Grid Loading Effect

This is a tutorial written by Mary Lou about recreating the Design Samsung grid loading effect using the Masonry library and WordPress.

Infinite Scrolling jQuery Demo

This is an infinite scrolling jQuery demonstration made by Chandra Sekar using jQuery and the Masonry library in WordPress. This include codes for implementing the Masonry plugin, jQuery usage, and infinite scrolling with AJAX.

Get your Pinterest Site in 6 Simple Steps Dolody

This is a tutorial made by Noura Yehia in creating an infinite scrolling WordPress site in 6 steps. To achieve the endless scroll effect, it uses jQuery and the Masonry library.

How to Use Masonry to Add Pinterest Style Post Grid in WordPress

This tutorial details how to use Masonry to create an infinite scrolling website with jQuery code and a grid created with the Masonry library. This include 6 steps on how to initialize the process and get the site running.

Masonry, Infinite Scrolling, and Django.

This is a tutorial by Kenneth Love about using Masonry and jQuery-based JavaScript to create a infinite scrolling Django website.

Pagination days are over? Infinite scrolling technique

This is a quick tutorial about implementing infinite scrolling with jQuery. The tutorial explains how to implement the Masonry library and create the endless scrolling effect using custom jQuery code.

Masonry and Infinite scroll with Genesis

This is another tutorial from WPStudio creating a new Genesis child theme called Plastic with a masonry layout with infinite scroll. This article also gives an example on how it looks and provide steps for it.

Infininite Scrolling Web Design

Build an endless scrolling website, loading new content when your visitors reach the end of your webpage.

Infinite Scroll Tutorials

Tutorials about how to build an infinite scrolling website, including: WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, jQuery, Jetpack, Masonry, Isotope, and the Infinite-Scroll plugin for WordPress.

Infinite Scroll, Card Design Tutorial

How to build an infinite scrolling website with card design using Masonry, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

Website Crawlers

Looking to download a lot of data? Need to find the exact information in a gigantic internet haystack that you are looking for? These resources are designed to help you build spiders, crawlers, and other tools to obtain data from the internet.

Website Crawler Tutorials

Build website spiders and crawlers using: Python | PHP | Java | Node.js | Scrapy | Cheerio | Apache Nutch | MongoDB | PhantomJS.

Website Tools

These tools are designed to help you build your website, add content, and improve your website’s appearance.

Javascript Graphing Libraries

Add charts & graphs to your website using: Chart.js | Chartist.js | DC.js | Morris.js | Timeline.js | Vivagraph.js

Node.js Tutorials

How to install, program for, and implement Node.js for scalable and easy server-side Javascript for quick AJAX-style processing.

Parallax Website Design Techniques

Create websites with parallax scrolling using: jQuery.js | Stellar.js | Skrollr.js | CSS


Website Theme Resources

Website themes are an easy to create a great website quickly. They provide a beginning point for you to build your websites, giving you layout, code, and functionality to work with. These resources are made to help you find the right theme to help you start building your website.

Website Theme Research

Our comprehensive, analytical research into the website theme industry, focusing on trends and major changes affecting website designers and website theme customers.

Theme Forest Analysis Report

Our Fall, 2014 Theme Forest Analysis Report shows a major shift in the theme marketplace. The empirical assesment of Theme Forest over a 28 month period indicates a series of interesting trends and patterns.

Analysis of Parallax Scrolling in Website Themes

Our assement of the popularity of parallax scrolling in website themes published on Theme Forest shows that parallax design elements are an increasingly popular trend.

WordPress Themes

Top Ranked WordPress Themes

The best WordPress themes for a new website, as calculated by our WordPress Theme Search Engine. These themes are selected for reliability, quality, popularity, and many other factors.

Parallax WordPress Themes

Top Ranked Parallax WordPress Themes: the best WordPress themes for creating websites with parallax scrolling, as ranked by our WordPress Theme Search Engine

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10 Parallax WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Amazing WordPress Themes with WooCommerce and Parallax Scrolling

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eCommerce WordPress Themes

Top Ranked eCommerce WordPress Themes: the best WordPress themes for creating eCommerce websites, as ranked by our WordPress Theme Search Engine

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5 Great eCommerce Website Themes, Built For WordPress

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Finding WordPress & Drupal GPL Themes

How to find WordPress and Drupal themes licensed under the GNU Public License. These themes offer increased freedom and the ability to use your theme on multiple sites.

Drupal Themes

These themes are built for use with the Drupal content management system. Drupal is wonderful and quite popular for business websites.

Parallax Drupal Themes

Themes for creating parallax-scrolling 3D-depth-like effects and animations as visitors scroll down a page.

6 Parallax Drupal Themes

6 Professional Parallax Drupal Themes

Portfolio Drupal Themes

Themes built for making professionally designed portfolios.

5 Professional Drupal Portfolio Themes

5 Amazing Drupal Portfolio Themes

Corporate Drupal Themes

Themes built for making small, medium, and large business websites.

6 Corporate Drupal Themes

7 Professional Drupal Corporate Themes

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