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jQuery Parallax Scrolling Website Tutorials

These tutorials use jQuery to create a parallax scrolling effect. jQuery is a free javascript library that makes creating webpage scripts easier.

To add jQuery to your site, you can simply include a link to the jQuery javascript file in your webpage (see Using jQuery with a CDN on the jQuery download page.) Alternatively, you can download the script yourself via the jQuery download page.

Read more about jQuery and parallax scrolling.

Parallax backgrounds with centered content

This tutorial shows how parallax background with centered content is being used, this is by Minimit using css. This explains a simple and customizzable css and jquery solution to achieve parallax scrolling background animations like spotify.

How to Create a Scrolling Parallax Website

This is a tutorial about how to create a scrolling parallax website by 1st web designer by using css. Parallax websites are one of the latest and biggest trends on the web. In this tutorial,it shows you how to create a simple but beautiful website that has an illusion of 3D depth by using these resources, wellfleet, arvo, oswald and goudy bookletter, and this will definitely catch the viewers attention.

Parallax Hero Image in CSS and jQuery

This is a tutorial about Parallax Hero Image in CSS and jQuery CodyHouse. Claudia Romano, the author, teaches you how to create a 3D parallax picture effect. Claudia goes into detail on the script and how exactly this works. You can achieve this effect using CSS, which is what Claudia uses in her tutorial.

How to implement the parallax scrolling effect

This tutorial was written by Ryan Boudreaux and this teaches you how to implement the parallax scrolling effect. The website TechRepublic gives you the script and instructions of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and javascript.It also uses the github code from Richard Shepherd as a base template along with the HTML5 boilerplate for HTML and CSS.

How to create Parallax effect with CSS and jQuery

This tutorial teaches you how to create a parallax effect with CSS and jQuery published on the Mr Bool website using CSS and jQuery. Within 3 steps, you can make a beautiful parallax effect for your picture using CSS and jQuery. You can see a few examples on the page and see that the parallax effect is quite beautiful.

Auto-Moving Parallax Background

This tutorial was written by Chris Coyier about auto-moving parallax background by css tricks using css and jQuery. In this version of parallax, it requires the use of background position plugin for jQuery, as out of the box jQuery can’t animate the background position property in this example. Parallax here is highly dependent on transparency.

Parallax Tutorial using CSS and jQuery

This is an interesting tutorial by Andy Shora that uses jQuery with CSS to create a parallax scrolling effect. The page uses a live demo in the page to show how to create a basic parallax scrolling box. The tutorial is well written, clearly presented, and the code is well described.

jQuery Parallax Scrolling Tutorial

This tutorial is about jQuery parallax scrolling tutorial using css on the Fraser Hart website. This tutorial will shows how to achieve 3 image layers with a few lines of code by simply adjusting the speed and image layers. This shows the HTML, CSS and the jQuery code components for the example.

jQuery.Parallax-Scroller.js: Add a Parallax Effect to Lists

A great tutorial for creating small sections with parallax scrolling. The parallax is subtle but it does a great job of adding interest to a list.

How to create a simple parallax effect

This jQuery tutorial wonderfully explains how to quickly create a parallax website. Created by Sara Vieira and published on Web Designer Depot, this tutorial does a great job of explaining what each portion of the code does. While the HTML at the beginning may seem a bit imposing, the CSS and jQuery are easy to understand. The tutorial also has really great syntax highlighting.

Tutorial on how to build a Parallax Website

This jQuery parallax tutorial leads you through the process of creating the entire parallax website. It starts with loading the jQuery library, then explains the CSS, and lastly the jQuery.

How To Create A Parallax Scrolling Website

A simple, easy tutorial, this article describes how to quickly create a simple parallax website using jQuery. The article also provides straightforward explanation of what the code is doing. The tutorial was created by Jack Roscoe and published on Web Design Library.

Easy Parallax With jQuery

This tutorial by EgStudio is a quick, straight-forward explanation of how to create a simple parallax page. The short 10 lines of code are easy to follow. It clearly explains how the the numbers in the code affect how the parallax website works.

Super Easy Parallax Effect with jQuery

This tutorial by Abduzeedo is longer and goes through building the entire parallax website, including the HTML code. It explains how to build the parallax website, step-by-step, adding the code in at each point, then explaining it. The tutorial builds the website as you progress through, as opposed to simply explaining the code.

jQuery Parallax Tutorial – Animated Header Background

This parallax jQuery tutorial creates a parallax webpage section that uses visitors’ cursor locations as the primary point of reference. It provides an excellent explanation in “The Images” section of how the images work to create the parallax-3D depth effect.

Create a Parallax Website Header

This jQuery parallax tutorial by ProgTuts creates a parallax website that uses the location of the cursor as the primary point of reference as opposed to how far the visitor has scrolled down the page. The tutorial is somewhat light on explanation, focusing primarily on the HTML and CSS as opposed to how the javascript works.

Create a Cool Website with Fancy Scrolling Effects

This parallax tutorial by Line25 is very in-depth and creates a detailed, scroll-based parallax website. It covers every step of the process of creating a parallax website, from layout and graphic design to creating the HTML, CSS, and javascript. The parallax scrolling is both vertical for the sections of the website, and horizontal for the title, “My Homes on the Web”.

Building a Parallax Scrolling Storytelling Framework

This parallax tutorial by Stevan Živadinović, published on Creative Bloq, is an in-depth explanation of how parallax websites work and how to make one. Stevan uses an easily read, conversational tone to explain the steps required to create the parallax website and the theory behind it. Unfortunately though, the code on this tutorial lacks syntax highlighting, making it a bit difficult to read. This tutorial uses jQuery plugin.

Parallax Slider With jQuery

This parallax tutorial by Mary Lou on Codrops explains how to create a horizontal parallax slideshow using jQuery. The slides and background use the entire width of the page and the slides restart at the beginning when the visitor reaches the last one. The tutorial uses jQuery and 3 background layers and the foreground to create the parallax 3D effect.

Build a parallax scrolling website interface with jQuery and CSS

This tutorial by Pixel Acres is a relatively quick explanation that creates an interesting and well-illustrated demo parallax website. The tutorial text itself explains how parts of the CSS and jQuery work. It is a quick read (with a lot of comments) that explains the inner workings of a well-illustrated parallax example webpage.

Scrolling Parallax: A jQuery Plugin With Tutorial

This parallax scrolling plugin by Jon Raasch is a jQuery library designed to make creating a parallax website easier. The tutorial explains how to use the code library, describing which code should be modified to create different effects, such as animations and loops.

One Page Website, Vertical Parallax

This tutorial on WebDesignShock explains how to create a parallax website with multiple elements and layers to it. It gives helpful visual diagrams of how the parts of the parallax website will work together to create the parallax effect. While the explanations of the code are a bit short, the tutorial is helpful and creates a very illustrative demo. This tutorial uses jQuery plugin for the work.

A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique

This is a simple parallax tutorial by Mohiuddin Parekh, published on Nettuts. It leads you through the process of creating a relatively simple vertical parallax-scrolling website with multiple sections. The tutorial has a helpful diagram explaining how the parallax effect is laid-out and it also explains how the jQuery code makes it happen.

The Parallax Effects With jQuery

This tutorial by Franck Maurin provides some jQuery code that explains how to create a quick parallax effect. The parallax effect created is both with the direction of scrolling (as you scroll down, the layer will scroll down with you) and against the direction of scrolling (as you scroll down, the layer will move up away from you.) Unfortunately, the explanations of the code are relatively short (they are located on the right side of the page, next to the code.) This tutorial uses jQuery plugin.

Create a Funky Parallax Background Effect Using jQuery

This parallax tutorial by Anthony Comben, published on In The Woods, creates a horizontal, slide-based parallax scrolling website. It uses multiple layers to create the parallax scrolling effect, placing the main content in the center and using blurred clouds in the foreground. The tutorial is relatively lengthy, but well explained. The tutorial uses jQuery library.

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