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Parallax Scrolling Website Tutorials

Looking to create a parallax website? We created a parallax scrolling tutorial to help you out.

Looking for more tutorials? The tutorials we found use one of four primary technologies: jQuery, Stellar.js, Skrollr.js, or CSS:

These tutorials use jQuery to create a parallax scrolling effect. jQuery is a free javascript library that makes creating webpage scripts easier.

To add jQuery to your site, you can simply include a link to the jQuery javascript file in your webpage (see Using jQuery with a CDN on the jQuery download page.) Alternatively, you can download the script yourself via the jQuery download page.

Parallax backgrounds with centered content

This tutorial shows how parallax background with centered content is being used, this is by Minimit using css. This explains a simple and customizzable css and jquery solution to achieve parallax scrolling background animations like spotify.

How to Create a Scrolling Parallax Website

This is a tutorial about how to create a scrolling parallax website by 1st web designer by using css. Parallax websites are one of the latest and biggest trends on the web. In this tutorial,it shows you how to create a simple but beautiful website that has an illusion of 3D depth by using these resources, wellfleet, arvo, oswald and goudy bookletter, and this will definitely catch the viewers attention.

Parallax Hero Image in CSS and jQuery

This is a tutorial about Parallax Hero Image in CSS and jQuery CodyHouse. Claudia Romano, the author, teaches you how to create a 3D parallax picture effect. Claudia goes into detail on the script and how exactly this works. You can achieve this effect using CSS, which is what Claudia uses in her tutorial.

How to implement the parallax scrolling effect

This tutorial was written by Ryan Boudreaux and this teaches you how to implement the parallax scrolling effect. The website TechRepublic gives you the script and instructions of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and javascript.It also uses the github code from Richard Shepherd as a base template along with the HTML5 boilerplate for HTML and CSS.

How to create Parallax effect with CSS and jQuery

This tutorial teaches you how to create a parallax effect with CSS and jQuery published on the Mr Bool website using CSS and jQuery. Within 3 steps, you can make a beautiful parallax effect for your picture using CSS and jQuery. You can see a few examples on the page and see that the parallax effect is quite beautiful.

Auto-Moving Parallax Background

This tutorial was written by Chris Coyier about auto-moving parallax background by css tricks using css and jQuery. In this version of parallax, it requires the use of background position plugin for jQuery, as out of the box jQuery can’t animate the background position property in this example. Parallax here is highly dependent on transparency.

Stellar.js Parallax Website Tutorials

Stellar.js is a jQuery plugin, created by Mark Dalgleish. It aims to make creating parallax websites easier, as well as providing mobile support for parallax websites.


This is a tutorial by Mark Dalgleish about the Stellar.js. The tutorial included links for the demo, docs, and for some downloadable files. The tutorial uses CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. This also included demonstration of parallax elements.

An Introduction to Parallax Scrolling Using Stellar.js

This article was written and posted by Aurelio de Rosa and this is an introduction to parallax scrolling using stellar.js by sitepoint. Stellar.js is a jQuery that allows you to easily add a parallax a scrolling effect on the website. It is very stable, compatible with the latest version of jQuery and a lot of developers employ it in their websites.

Skrollr.js Parallax Website Tutorials

Skrollr.js is a javascript package designed for creating parallax websites. It does not use jQuery, and is instead a stand-alone library. It is downloadable via the Skrollr.js GitHub Page.

The Skrollr.js website is worth taking a look at just to see the interesting effects. The page is wonderfully constructed with plenty of 3D parallax effects (notice the circles in the background), rotations, transitions.

Creating Game-Style Parallax Scrolling: Zombie Edition

This tutorial in creating game-style Parallax scrolling was made by Elli Bishop. This uses Parallax, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and skrollr.js. This shows how to explore content in an immersive and engaging way using parallax scrolling.

Skrollr Parallax Scrolling Tutorial

This Skrollr Parallax tutorial was made by Masud Ahmed HTML5 CSS3 on how to setup your html for a parallax website, how to animate background image at a different speed then page scrolling, and how to precisely control the timing and duration of your animations. This uses CSS and HTML for coding, in addition to skrollr.js.

Parallax scrolling: why a fixed background?

This is a tutorial amde by Thibaut Gilbert in using parallax scrolling as a fixed background. This tutorial uses Parallax, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and skrollr. The tutorial uses codes for having a website without a fixed background.

Skrollr – CSS animations linked to scroll position

This is a tutorial in making CSS animations be linked to scroll position using skrollr. The tutorial uses skrollr.js, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The tutorial shows the main idea behind Skrollr. This also included a quick demo to show how things work.

CSS Parallax Website Tutorials

These tutorials only use CSS3 to create a 3D parallax scrolling effect. No javascript is used: no jQuery, no libraries, no scripting needed at all.

Parallax Scrolling Tutorial goes in depth and explains what exactly a parallax effect is, and how exactly to script and make one using CSS. Within 3 steps, you can have your own parallax effects for your own webpage.

Creating Scrolling Parallax Effects with CSS

This is a tutorial about creating scrolling parallax effects with CSS, written by Stefan Judis using css. Parallax effects have become more popular, by doing so, images that are moving in different directions or different speed with different layers leads to a nice optical effect. And by adding CSS to this effects, it can rescue the scrolling performance of a website.

Parallax Web Design

Parallax website design moves one part of your website at a different speed than the rest of your page. This often creates a 3D-like effect, adding depth and interest to your webpage design. The resources, including themes, tutorials, and examples, are designed to help you build a website with parallax scrolling.

Parallax Web Design Resources

Parallax Technologies

Tools to create parallax scrolling websites: jQuery, Skrollr.js, Stellar.js, CSS

Parallax Tutorials

A Simple Parallax Scrolling Tutorial about how parallax scrolling works.

Tutorials for creating parallax websites using: jQuery | Stellar.js | Skrollr.js | CSS

Infininite Scrolling Web Design

Build an endless scrolling website, loading new content when your visitors reach the end of your webpage.

Infinite Scroll Tutorials

Tutorials about how to build an infinite scrolling website, including: WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, jQuery, Jetpack, Masonry, Isotope, and the Infinite-Scroll plugin for WordPress.

Infinite Scroll, Card Design Tutorial

How to build an infinite scrolling website with card design using Masonry, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

Website Crawlers

Looking to download a lot of data? Need to find the exact information in a gigantic internet haystack that you are looking for? These resources are designed to help you build spiders, crawlers, and other tools to obtain data from the internet.

Website Crawler Tutorials

Build website spiders and crawlers using: Python | PHP | Java | Node.js | Scrapy | Cheerio | Apache Nutch | MongoDB | PhantomJS.

Website Tools

These tools are designed to help you build your website, add content, and improve your website’s appearance.

Javascript Graphing Libraries

Add charts & graphs to your website using: Chart.js | Chartist.js | DC.js | Morris.js | Timeline.js | Vivagraph.js

Node.js Tutorials

How to install, program for, and implement Node.js for scalable and easy server-side Javascript for quick AJAX-style processing.

Parallax Website Design Techniques

Create websites with parallax scrolling using: jQuery.js | Stellar.js | Skrollr.js | CSS


Website Theme Resources

Website themes are an easy to create a great website quickly. They provide a beginning point for you to build your websites, giving you layout, code, and functionality to work with. These resources are made to help you find the right theme to help you start building your website.

Website Theme Research

Our comprehensive, analytical research into the website theme industry, focusing on trends and major changes affecting website designers and website theme customers.

Theme Forest Analysis Report

Our Fall, 2014 Theme Forest Analysis Report shows a major shift in the theme marketplace. The empirical assesment of Theme Forest over a 28 month period indicates a series of interesting trends and patterns.

Analysis of Parallax Scrolling in Website Themes

Our assement of the popularity of parallax scrolling in website themes published on Theme Forest shows that parallax design elements are an increasingly popular trend.

WordPress Themes

Top Ranked WordPress Themes

The best WordPress themes for a new website, as calculated by our WordPress Theme Search Engine. These themes are selected for reliability, quality, popularity, and many other factors.

Parallax WordPress Themes

Top Ranked Parallax WordPress Themes: the best WordPress themes for creating websites with parallax scrolling, as ranked by our WordPress Theme Search Engine

10 Parallax WordPress Themes

10 Parallax WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Amazing WordPress Themes with WooCommerce and Parallax Scrolling

7 Amazing Parallax WordPress Themes

5 Wonderful Parallax WordPress Themes

eCommerce WordPress Themes

Top Ranked eCommerce WordPress Themes: the best WordPress themes for creating eCommerce websites, as ranked by our WordPress Theme Search Engine

10 Parallax WooCommerce WordPress Themes

5 Great eCommerce Website Themes, Built For WordPress

6 Amazing WordPress eCommerce Themes

5 Professional eCommerce Themes for Selling on Your Website

10 Great eCommerce WordPress Themes with WooCommerce

Finding WordPress & Drupal GPL Themes

How to find WordPress and Drupal themes licensed under the GNU Public License. These themes offer increased freedom and the ability to use your theme on multiple sites.

Drupal Themes

These themes are built for use with the Drupal content management system. Drupal is wonderful and quite popular for business websites.

Parallax Drupal Themes

Themes for creating parallax-scrolling 3D-depth-like effects and animations as visitors scroll down a page.

6 Parallax Drupal Themes

6 Professional Parallax Drupal Themes

Portfolio Drupal Themes

Themes built for making professionally designed portfolios.

5 Professional Drupal Portfolio Themes

5 Amazing Drupal Portfolio Themes

Corporate Drupal Themes

Themes built for making small, medium, and large business websites.

6 Corporate Drupal Themes

7 Professional Drupal Corporate Themes

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