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Solutions For Startups

At Potent Pages we are ideal for startups. Having once been a startup we understand the needs and difficulties of companies that are just getting started. We understand the tight budgets that tech companies must deal with especially startups and we also understand the needs to devote resources into obtaining new customers or clients, instead of focusing all your money on technical development. We have been in your shoes too. We have had to deal with extremely limited budgets working on a shoestring while having to run multiple operations at the same time. Our experience can help you do this too.

Your Technical Team

When running a startup it’s important to consider a number of factors when selecting your technical team. At potent pages, we have a diverse and specialized team dedicated to all aspects of web application technical development. We focus on dedicating our resources to where you need them most. Whether that is programming, design, user-interface experience, or project management, at potent pages we focus on the ideal way to work on a limited budget.

Initial Communication

We also understand the need for detailed, expert communication especially for starting companies. We will work extensively with you to understand your unique idea while working to communicate with you how we will develop it into a fully functioning system. We will explain to you step-by-step exactly how we will develop your system and you will getting technical details so that you fully understand our approach and what we feel is required to complete your project. After we get started, will continue working with you too find the best ways to continue development and to routinely show exactly what we have accomplished even before the milestone deadlines come up.

Project Completion

As project nears completion we will work with you to ensure that all changes that you need are made quickly and before the deadline even if they weren’t part of the original specification. We understand that project requirements can change especially for new startups. We also understand that you need a finished working product, not just a bunch of code or a design. For this reason we will focus on providing you the project you need working within a budget you can afford.

Further Development

After your project is completed we will work with you to identify new areas of improvement and to implement them to help your customers or your clients. Continual improvement is the lifeblood of any growing startup. We look forward to having a continuing productive relationship with you as your startup grows and prospers.

Let’s Get Started

At potent Pages we’re happy to help. Let us help you get your startup off the ground and to where you want it to be. Contact us today and we will happily discuss your project with you and how we can complete it.

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