WMU BRAIN Lab: Web Design Clients

The WMU BRAIN Lab is a research organization at Western Michigan University focusing on using music and research in auditory cognition to treat neurological disorders. Spanning multiple departments at WMU, including music, occupational therapy, psychology, and fine arts, the BRAIN Lab combines multiple specialties to perform research and development treatment.

The BRAIN Lab needed a website to show to the public its focus and work. The website is focused for graduate students looking to join the program, grant review committees evaluating grant applications by the BRAIN Lab, and for outside groups interested in the research and treatment.

Designing the Website

The Design for WMU BRAIN Lab's Website

Designing this website, at Potent Pages we focused on primarily showing what the BRAIN Lab is and the type of research it performs. We created a rotating image slider showcasing the type of work that the BRAIN Lab does and the participants. These images are followed by text describing the BRIAN Lab, its work, and its members.

We built the website to match the Western Michigan University color scheme while focusing visitors' attention singularly on the website's content. Additionally, we designed pages to show the members of the organization, research by the organization, and how people can participate with the lab.

Please click here to see the WMU BRAIN Lab's website.