Michigan Loan Closets: Web Design Clients

Michigan Loan Closets is a online directory of programs providing free or low-cost medical equipment to those in need. Organizations providing equipment are listed by the counties they serve.

To find services that may be able to help, a visitor simply needs to select their county. They are then taken to a list of the programs available in their area.

Michigan Loan Closets Homepage and Kalamazoo, Michigan Pages

Automation: Editing & Displaying Over 200 Organizations

Michigan Loan Closets Editing and Automation

The main challenge when building this website was to display organizations that serve multiple counties quickly and easily. Michigan Loan Closets needed to keep their information up-to-date frequently and on a regular basis.

As organizations change their information, their entry on every single page needs to be updated. Some organizations serve multiple counties, ranging from two up to all 83 counties in Michigan. Updating all of the records by hand for the over 200 organizations listed on the website would be an unfeasable task.

To make editing the website easier, Potent Pages developed a system by which the organizations' information, including links and long paragraphs about available equipment, could be entered once, anywhere in the world. The website determines how to build the pages quickly and automatically, selecting the organizations to display on each county and arranging the information precisely every time.

When organizations needed to be edited, we made the system easily searchable. Finding individual organizations, groups of organizations, or all of the organizations in one county is quick, simple, and easy.

Design of Michigan Loan Closets

Michigan Loan Closets Design with Easy to Read Tables

Michigan Loan Closets was seeking an informal and helpful feel for their website. The website was designed to be accessable to anyone, including people with cognitive, physical, or other disabilities, or people for whom English is a second language.

For this reason, we used mellow hues of blue and purple, added plenty of whitespace, and built easy-to-understand tables listing the organizations. The colors on the tables are alternating, enhancing readability and aesthetics.

View the Michigan Loan Closets website.