Garden Gate Cafe: Web Design Clients

Garden Gate Cafe is a restaurant serving lunch, breakfast, and baked goods including cupcakes. They specialize in hosting events for kids parties, weddings, and other celebrations. Located on the Kalamazoo Mall, Garden Gate Cafe features a "back-in-the-day" feel and a relaxed atmosphere. This feeling is emphasized in the decor, with a wonderful collection of cupcake-themed artwork and mid-century kitchen appliences on display.

For Garden Gate Cafe's website, we worked to capture this aesthetic and instill it throughout the site. We took the colors, designs, and cupcake theme of the restaurant and built a website to match. From the white and scalloped-bordered content boxes, to the pink striped background and cupcakes sprinkled throughout the site, we focused on creating a design that met not only the needs, but the character and personality of Garden Gate Cafe.

The Design and Inspiration for Garden Gate Cafe's Website

Automation: Managing Events & Daily Specials

Garden Gate Cafe Editing and Automation

As part of its promotions, Garden Gate Cafe offers many events and daily specials. To attract more customers, they wanted to display these daily and frequently changing promotions on their website.

However, like most restaurants, the staff of Garden Gate Cafe is quite busy. They didn't have the extra time in their schedule to add events or schedules to their website every morning, then take them down after every day at closing time.

To keep their customers informed of new specials and to publicise their promotions, we created a system whereby the staff could enter specials days, weeks, months, or even years in advance. Then, at the precise second they want the promotions or specials to appear, they will be shown on the website.

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