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David J. Selden-Treiman

David Selden-Treiman, Director of Operations, Project Manager, and Programmer

Devoted to Efficiency

David Selden-Treiman started Potent Pages out of a need to improve efficiency for companies, non-profits, and individual projects. Observing the lack of coordination and optimization throughout industries, David built Potent Pages around identifying areas of improvement in business processes and building systems to solve individual issues with bespoke solutions.

Programmer, Project Manager, and Director of Operations

David Selden-Treiman coordinates the team at Potent Pages, focusing on ensuring all internal and external operations are completed smoothly. As an experienced programmer, David applies his years of programming expertise to all projects completed at Potent Pages. He focuses on finding the best, most efficient solution to problems, and on applying those solutions in the most efficient ways.

Work With David Selden-Treiman

At Potent Pages, David would like to work with you! He seeks to better understand and solve the issues that your business faces. He will help design solutions to your business problems, and implement them in efficient technological packages. Contact us today to get started working with David!

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